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Building the standards of the future - this is how the mission statement of FPP could be summarised. The Company seeks to achieve that objective by pursuing innovative and highly functional architectural solutions. All the FPP projects are located in the vicinity of green areas, featuring carefully designed common areas (paths, recreation areas), and a well-developed infrastructure for families with children (parks, safe playgrounds). With a view to ensuring that the future dwellers live as comfortably as possible, FPP architects include bicycle and pram storage areas, retail facilities, and public services (e.g. preschools) in the designs of all the estates.

The Company's long-term strategy envisages further strengthening of its standing in the market and gradual growth in Poland. At the moment, FPP is involved in four property development projects:

Ostoja Wilanów Estate

Ostoja Wilanów is located at the heart of Miasteczko Wilanów, between Klimczaka, Zdrowa, and Hlonda streets, close to Aleja Rzeczypospolitej. The project comprises 8 stages, providing for the construction of 31 modern four-floor buildings in total, offering apartments with terraces, balconies, and gardens. The estate boasts vast green areas - over 5 hectares in size. A pond with a wooden bridge occupies the centre of the estate, and recreation areas and playgrounds for children adjoin it. In the north-eastern part there is a forest park featuring educational trails introducing plant species and a soccer field equipped with a lighting system. Old trees offer the refuge of shade on scorching days. Currently, two of the last five buildings of the Ostoja Wilanów Estate, located near the pond, are under construction.

Innova Estate

The Innova Estate is situated in the Krzyki District of Wrocław, where the streets of Nyska, Piękna, and Jesionowa converge, between older and modern housing developments. The project comprises 531 apartments varying in size and functional layout. Its clear strength is the perfect location - close to the city centre, public services (shopping malls, universities and colleges, schools, sports facilities), and public transport stops, and additionally in the direct vicinity of a nearby school's green areas. The specific location of the project on the noise map of Wrocław is marked as one of the quietest spots in the city. The Innova Estate offers quality finish and modern design of buildings, with colours playing an important part.

Villa Botanica Estate

The construction preliminaries are underway for this exceptional development. The project blends harmoniously with the quiet atmosphere of Warsaw's Powsin District. It comprises a complex of urban villas and stylish houses.

Moderno Estate

The Moderno Estate is located in Piękna street, in Wrocław's Krzyki District, neighbouring on the Innova Estate. The development consists of 158 apartments located in a four-floor building. The estate offers a wealth of recreational areas - playground for children and an area with exercise equipment for adults. Storage units have been designed on each floor of the building so that nearly all the residents could be offered additional storage space. Ground for the project was broken in March 2014.

Innova Apartments

Innova Apartments is part of a residential area being raised on Jesionowa Street in Wrocław. It is a part of a coherent concept for development of the area where Jesionowa, Piękna and Nyska Streets meet. The investment comprises multi-family residential buildings with underground parking, technical infrastructure, internal roads, bike stands and green areas. The first stage includes 206 flats in two buildings: Building 6.5, with 6 Floors, and building 6.4, which will be a 17-storey structure. The project will provide 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom flats, many of which shall make use of large terraces and, thanks to panoramic windows, stunning views of the area. Building 6.4 will also include 4 retail premises on the ground floor, with street access. Construction of this new residential area began in November 2014.

The progress of construccion works in the B2 building in Ostoja Wilanów in Warsaw is at the level of 100%  
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