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A new project in Wrocław: Innova Concept.

Dear Customers,

In September 2019, we reached 1300 flats sold in Wrocław, a city where Fadesa Polnord Polska (FPP) has had its presence since 2010. The FPP housing estates in Wrocław now make up a new district of the city, closed off in the north by the four 17-floor tower blocks of the Apartamenty Innova project. The current buildings will soon be joined by our new housing development project, Innova Concept (www.innovaconcept.pl), currently underway.

The Innova Concept project will provide the south-western gateway to the FPP district in Wrocław. The building, comprising 144 flats and 4 retail units, is very modern. Innova Concept is above all attention to greenery and flat design. Few apartments above the ground floor, for many staircases no more than three per floor, spacious balconies or terraces facing in their majority the south-west to improve daylighting, large windows… Innova Concept has been designed, similarly to the other FPP buildings in Wrocław, to make the lives of both singles and families even more pleasurable.

In February 2019, the building works were contracted out to HARAS BUDOWNICTWO Sp. z o. o Sp. k, a contractor with extensive experience in conducting the construction of a part of the previous FPP estates in Wrocław. The financing for the project is provided by GETIN NOBLE BANK S.A., which also financed other FPP projects in Wrocław.

In Warsaw, our efforts continue to bring to life a new residential project, Villa Botanica, at Powsin. Villa Botanica follows in the footsteps of Ostoja Wilanów (www.ostoja-wilanow.pl), making a name for itself by close attention to every detail of the green areas which cover the entire site of the future estate (the design envisages, just as in the case of Ostoja Wilanów, a park for future residents of the estate). In contrast to Ostoja Wilanów’s blocks of flats, Villa Botanica comprises multi-family houses located in the direct vicinity of the Biodiversity Conservation Centre (part of the Botanical Garden at Powsin) and the Kabaty Woods.

As far as other issues go, we would draw your attention yet again to FPP’s financial figures. FPP continues in excellent financial condition, as demonstrated by the absence of credit liabilities. For more information on FPP’s financial performance, please refer to the Financial Figures tab on our website.

Summing up, we would like to express our gratitude for your unwavering support to our projects. Thank you on behalf of the whole FPP team.

Warsaw, date: 25 November 2019

FPP was set up in 2005, and its shareholders comprise MARTINSA-FADESA S.A. of Spain (51% interest) and POLNORD S.A. of Poland (49% interest). At the moment, FPP’s residential project Innova Concept (www.innovaconcept.pl) is underway in Wrocław. In addition, FPP has completed the Ostoja Wilanów estate in Warsaw (www.ostojawilanow.pl) and the following projects in Wrocław: Osiedle Innova (www.osiedle-innova.com), Osiedle Moderno (www.osiedlemoderno.pl), and Apartamenty Innova (www.apartamentyinnnova.pl). FPP holds sites in Poland that are sufficient to build some 350 additional apartments on them. From its establishment to 30 September 2019, FPP sold 3,236 flats, including 1,307 in Wrocław, and handed over 3,154 flats to their owners. In 2018, FPP sold 101 and handed over 96 flats as well as issuing invoices worth PLN 47.9 million.

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