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New project in Warsaw (Powsin): Villa Botanica

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We will remember 2020 as a year full of challenges, caused mainly by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Fadesa Polnord Polska Sp. z o.o. (“FPP”) was no exception, and as a team we faced many different challenges and difficulties associated with the organisation of work due to the pandemic. Almost immediately and where it was feasible, we reorganised the work in many of our departments so that we could work remotely. However, this is not possible on the construction site, so given the pandemic, anxiety and concern for ensuring the health of people working there became a priority for us. As the pandemic started, FPP had the construction of the Innova Concept building in Wrocław (comprising 144 apartments and 4 commercial units) underway. Completion of the construction was scheduled to take place in November 2020. Due to the onset of the pandemic, in March and April 2020 it was difficult to predict the future. Despite those fears, as November 2020 arrived, the works were completed on schedule. Thus, as a whole team, we feel obliged to express our sincere thanks to all those who made meeting this challenge possible. In particular, our thanks are due to the Wrocław-based part of our team, as well as the general contractor, Haras Budownictwo Sp. z o.o., and all its subcontractors.

Upon completion of the Innova Concept estate (www.innovaconcept.pl), along with the earlier projects that FPP had carried out in Wrocław, namely Osiedle Innova (www.osiedle-innova.com), Osiedle Moderno, and Apartamenty Innova (www.apartamentyinnova.pl), in the Tarnogaj district, around the streets of Nyska, Jesionowa, and Piękna, a new urban block (1,370 apartments) emerged. The link below holds a selection of photos showing the buildings we have built: Galeria - Zdjęcia z budowy (innovaconcept.pl)

In 2020 in Warsaw, we procured a construction permit for the first stage of the Villa Botanica project in the Wilanów district of Powsin (www.villabotanica.pl). We designed 96 semi-detached houses and 4 commercial units located around the central square. Those of you who are familiar with our Ostoja Wilanów project (www.ostoja-wilanow.com) also located in Warsaw will not be surprised to learn that overall design of Villa Botanica shares similar underlying assumptions. Just like Ostoja Wilanów, Villa Botanica will be distinguished by special attention to the green areas that extend across the entire project site. The site also includes a park for the future residents of the estate to enjoy. Villa Botanica is located in the vicinity of the Kabacki Forest National Park, the largest nature reserve in the Mazovia Region of Poland, and of the Culture Park in Powsin.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to emphasise once again the robust financial standing of our company. As the Financial Data tab  shows, FPP continues to boast a healthy and stable financial standing and, for the third year in a row, a complete absence of debt. The same page also includes the annual financial statements of the FPP Group starting from 2011 along with the auditors’ opinions, which you are welcome to review at your leisure.

In closing, we would like to thank you for your continued trust in our projects and for choosing our company. On behalf of the entire FPP team, THANK YOU.

Warsaw, 8 February 2021

FADESA POLNORD POLSKA (FPP) was established in 2005, and its main shareholders are the Spanish company Martinsa-Fadesa S.A. (51%) and the Polish company Polnord S.A. (49%). FPP is currently carrying out the VILLA BOTANICA residential project in the Wilanów district (Powsin) of Warsaw. FPP has completed the following residential projects: Ostoja Wilanów (www.ostoja-wilanow.com) estate in Warsaw and Osiedle Innova (www.osiedle-innova.com), Osiedle Moderno, Apartamenty Innova (www.apartamentyinnova.pl), and Innova Concept (www.innovaconcept.pl) in Wrocław. Since its inception, as at 31 December 2020, FPP has sold 3,299 apartments, including 1,370 in Wrocław, and delivered 3,235 units. In 2020, FPP sold 14 units (due to the delay in breaking ground for the new project), delivered 85 apartments, and generated a turnover of PLN 39 million.


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