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Building dwellings for life – this aptly describes our goal in designing each housing estate. As the FPP team, we aim to make our apartments comfortable for residents by both providing functional interiors and taking care in designing the exterior surroundings on the estate. Our experts analyse and design each type of dwelling with care, from the work of the architects and engineers through to specialists in marketing and sales. Buildings are designed with various resident requirements in mind. We strive to provide facilities for use by residents on each of our housing estates. Buildings in Apartamenty Innova have spacious lobbies on the ground floor, while in Innova Concept projects there are facilities for storing bicycles and prams. Osiedle Moderno also has convenient facilities in the form of storage units for residents throughout the entire building, almost equal in number to the number of dwellings. An example of a housing estate with extensive infrastructure is Ostoja Wilanów in Warsaw, which has numerous commercial units, and facilities such as a preschool or clubs for children. All FPP projects have appropriately designed elements which connect the individual buildings to make the estate a cohesive whole. One example is the  Ostoja Wilanów  and the green spaces on the site. In all, it covers more than five hectares, and features a private forest park and a lake in the centre, surrounded by areas for walks with designated rest areas and children’s playgrounds.

We aim to meet the various requirements of our customers, and as customs, habits, and requirements change, so we continue to work to design dwellings to accommodate these changes.

Projects in progress:

Innova Concept (Wrocław)

Innova Concept is the fourth project carried out by FPP in the Krzyki district of Wrocław. This housing estate is modern in design, with carefully selected materials for finishing the interiors, and precisely designed common areas. On the interior patio there is a large playground and recreational area for leisure use by all residents. Innova Concept will have six storeys, 144 dwellings, and four commercial units. Construction is due to be completed in QI 2021.

Projects in the pipeline:

Villa Botanica (Powsin - Warsaw)

Villa Botanica will be located in Powsin, just outside of Warsaw, near the botanical garden and close to the Las Kabaty natural park. The project is in the preparation phase, and is intended to be a continuation of the concept used for the Ostoja Wilanów housing estates in Warsaw. Villa Botanica will have numerous green spaces, with a private park and a central square in between them. In addition, each dwelling will have its own garden. Compared to Ostoja Wilanów, which consists of four-storey residential buildings, Villa Botanica will be an estate with a maximum of 93 two-storey dwellings and four commercial units. Construction and sales of phase I of the project are due to begin in the first half of 2020. Phase I consists of 22 dwellings.

Completed projects:

Ostoja Wilanów (Warsaw)

Ostoja Wilanów is located in the heart of Miasteczko Wilanów, between ul. Klimczaka, Flatta and Hlonda, close to Aleja Rzeczypospolitej. Construction lasted from 2005 until 2017, and was divided into nine phases. In 30 four-storey buildings, there are 1929 dwellings and 38 commercial units. The housing estate has numerous green spaces of an area of more than five hectares. In the central section there is a lake with wooden bridges, next to which there are recreational areas and children’s playgrounds. On the north-eastern side, there is a forest park with educational trails, tree stands, and a football pitch. Ostoja Wilanów is FPP’s hallmark project in Warsaw, and FPP’s largest completed project to date.

Osiedle Innova (Wrocław)

Osiedle Innova is located in the Wrocław district of Krzyki, at the intersection of ul. Nyska, Piękna and Jesionowa. Construction proceeded in seven phases, from 2010 until 2014. The project has 531 dwellings and four commercial units. Like other FPP projects nearby, Osiedle Innova is in an ideal location, and stands out due to its close vicinity to the centre, public facilities such as shopping centres, institutions of higher education, schools, and sports facilities, as well as convenient access to the metropolitan transportation system. Osiedle Innova has modern-style buildings in which the colours that are a traditional feature of the architecture in Wrocław play a major role.

Osiedle Moderno (Wrocław)

Osiedle Moderno is located in the vicinity of Osiedla Innova, in the Wrocław district of Krzyki. The project consists of 158 dwellings in a four-storey building. On the estate there are recreational areas – a children’s playground and open-air gym for adults. To give residents additional storage space in the building, storage units are provided on each floor. Construction was completed in 2015.

Apartamenty Innova (Wrocław)

Apartamenty Innova I, II and III are located at the intersection of ul. Jesionowa, Piękna and Nyska. The project consists of 537 apartments and five commercial units, housed in five buildings – one with six storeys, and four 17-storey blocks. The dwellings on the top floors have a magnificent view of Wrocław, while in between the buildings there are common areas of modern design, with a variety of plant life. Construction of the estate was completed in 2019. Due to their height, the four Innova Apartamenty blocks can be seen from afar from various spots in the city.

Text updated December 2019.

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