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Wrocław, 16.02.2015

Fadesa Polnord Polska Begins a New Project in Wrocław

Fadesa Polnord Polska, a Spanish-Polish company which for a decade has been successfully building residential projects in Wrocław and Warsaw, announced the beginning of construction work in the new project - Apartamenty Innova. The project is located at the intersection of Piękna and Jesionowa Streets in Wrocław's district of Krzyki.


The design of Apartamenty Innova was prepared by APA Hubka architecture studio, under the arrangements with the investor - FPP. The studio also developed the concept of Osiedle Innova residential estate, which has won several awards for the architectural arrangement.

- The uniqueness of Apartamenty Innova project is primarily shown in its location, the use of innovative and functional architectural solutions and layouts of the apartments. While working on the concept of the estate, we focused on the careful layout of the common areas to create the most convenient living conditions for the future residents. Similarly to all our projects, the estate provides direct access to recreational areas. Functional layouts of the apartments provide comfort by dividing interior design into day and night areas. Moreover, large windows are an asset which will let the residents enjoy the view from the upper floors - admits Małgorzata Gryc,  Sales and Marketing Director at Fadesa Polnord Polska.

The construction of Apartamenty Innova was launched at the end of November 2014. The general contractor is Maxbud ABJ Sp. z o.o. construction company. Completion of construction works is scheduled for IQ 2017.

In the first two buildings of various heights there will be 206 apartments ranging in size from 43 to 72 square meters.  In the building 6.5 the  apartments will be located on the 6 floors, and in the building 6.4  the view of the city will be visible from the 17th floor. All of the apartments have panoramic windows ensuring good sunlight and above-average ceiling height.

The space between the buildings will be filled with greenery including recreation places for the residents and the users of services provided on the premises of the estate. The beginning of the apartment sales is planned in March, 2015.

Apartamenty Innova estate is part of a coherent concept of spatial development within the range of Jesionowa, Piękna and Nyska Streets, administratively belonging to the district of Krzyki, but associated with downtown by the residents of Wrocław. In this area since 2010 FPP has been successfully implementing two other residential projects: Osiedle Moderno estate (158 apartments), the construction of which will last until III Q of 2015 and Osiedle Innova estate (531 apartments), which has already been completed. The new complex is a continuation and expansion of these projects.

One of the most important advantages of this location is a short distance from the city center - just 7 minutes. Wrocław's Main Square is just 4 km away. The estate is located 2 km from the main railway station and the central bus station. Bus and tram stops are located in close proximity to the estate. A primary school and a kindergarten as well as a newly built shopping center Arkady Wroclawskie are located in the immediate vicinity of the estate.

Well-developed urban and social infrastructure, provided by the nearby surroundings, gives residents a direct access to numerous retail and service points as well as health, education and sports facilities. Recreational areas and parks -  Park Wł. Andersa, Park Skowroni as well as Wrocław Water Park are a walking distance away from Apartamenty Innova.


FPP was established in 2005, its shareholders are Spanish company MARTINSA-FADESA S.A .(51% of the capital) and Polish company POLNORD S.A. (49% of the capital). FPP is currently constructing the Ostoja Wilanów estate (www.ostoja-wilanow.com) in Warsaw, Osiedle-Innova estate (www.osiedle-innova.com) and Osiedle Moderno estate (www.osiedlemoderno.pl) in Wrocław. In addition, FPP owns enough land in Poland to build another 850 apartments. From its launching of the company to December 31st 2014 FPP has sold 2.235 apartments and 2116 units were rendered for use. In 2014, FPP has sold 259 apartments, rendered to use 408 units and achieved sales results of PLN 174 million.


FPP is currently building:

Osiedle Moderno estate in Wrocław www.osiedlemoderno.pl

Ostoja Wilanów estate in Warsaw www.ostoja-wilanow.com

Osiedle Innova estate in Wrocław - project completed www.osiedle-innova.com

Villa Botanica estate in Powsin near Warsaw - project in preparation

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