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FADESA POLNORD POLSKA starts its first project in Wroclaw

Wroclaw, June 28, 2010

Fadesa Polnord Polska (FPP), a developer company well known thanks to its 1800-unit project in Miasteczko Wilanów in Warsaw, is starting the construction of its first project in Wroclaw. In total, the project involves the construction of 850 apartments within Osiedle Innova residential estate. As in Warsaw, as a promotional price for the first few weeks, FPP is implementing its popular sales policy: a flat rate of 5,957 PLN (brutto) per 1 sqm.

Osiedle Innova in Wroclaw
The investment is being realized by the company "Osiedla Innova Sp. z o. o.",
a company intentionally established to realize this project. Fadesa Polnord Polska is the sole shareholder of the company. The investment's execution is divided into several stages and will include in total more than 850 apartments. In the first stage, under construction, 230 apartments will be built.

Flat rate price
As a promotional price for the first few weeks, the gross price of all apartments under construction in FPP's promotion amounts to 5,957 PLN (brutto) per 1 sqm. Thanks to that, each apartment can be purchased under "Rodzina na swoim" grant program. The flat rate price features the original sales policy of the developer. It was successfully introduced for the first time in the "Ostoja Wilanow" investment in Warsaw in 2009. Thanks to that FPP's customers know, even before their first visit in sale's office, how much they have to pay for an apartment of the surface chosen. This is FPP's response to Wroclaw customers' needs after the credit crunch in early 2009.

Average surface of 50 sqm.
The investor offers flats of average surface 50 sqm., available in the surface from 32 to 75 sqm. The architectural design of Osiedle Innova residential estate was created in the renowned APA HUBKA architectural studio in Wroclaw. In the design, the European standards of new urban space organization were taken into consideration. While looking after esthetic advantages of the estate, stylish and unique solutions as well as colors complying with the surroundings and nature were applied in the estate. High standard of building's décor is guaranteed by e.g.: wooden and safety glass elements in buildings' façade, portfenetr windows, anti-theft door of C class, high thermal and acoustic isolation factor, modern tele-IT systems, apartment's metering system located outside a flat and an apartment's height (2.7 m).

The Osiedle Innova estate's advantages are as follows: quiet vicinity, neighborhood of green areas and small distance to town's city center. The modern residential complex is being built in Krzyki district by Piekna, Nyska and Jesionowa Streets, in the surroundings of Huby and Gaj residential estates. Thanks to numerous tram and bus stops located in close vicinity of Osiedle Innova, it is possible to reach: the city center, commercial and service points, mall centers, nurseries, schools, colleges and healthcare centers, in quick and efficient way.

FPP became well known thanks to its 1,800-unit investment in Warsaw. The construction of "Ostoja Wilanów" residential estate was divided into eight stages. The fifth stage was finished in March 2010, and FPP is nowadays building the sixth stage of the estate. Works on this stage started in October 2009. As in Wroclaw, average surface of apartments in the stage amounts 50 sqm. 'We notice a high demand on apartments of this surface. A flat rate price of our locals has even increased an interest in our investment', says Malgorzata Gryc, Marketing and Sales Director of the company.

FPP is a Polish real estate company operating since May 2005. Leaders of developer's branch in Spain (Martinsa-Fadesa - 51% shares) and Poland (Polnord SA - 49% shares) are shareholders of the company.

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